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In Store Music

The announcements and messages on the In Store Music program inform customers of store activities and promote sales.

With In Store Music running at your place you are in control of a customer's listening environment. The only way to avoid what you want them to hear is to cover their ears or plug in the headphones.

The only music playing throughout your place will be the tracks you have selected from our library of Royalty Free Music.Occasionally woven into the music framework customers will hear one of your promos or informative messages.

Imagine being the only radio station in town! That's the power In Store Music delivers. You choose the music and the messages. You are in control. You are the head of programming and chief censor.

You don't run the risk of having the "shopping experience" undermined by any negativity. There'll be no bummers from bad news items. No language warnings on dodgy songs. And no advertising from your competitors.

The only announcements and promotional messages playing on your In Store Music program will feature the information you want your customers to hear.

It's entirely your decision what messages you want to put on your In Store Music program and how often you want the messages to play.

You could use an announcement to support your current advertising or promote a special sale. You might like to combine your efforts with a regular supplier to run a joint promotion. We would write and produce the promo message to put on the In Store Music program.

You might be planning to introduce your customers to anew product range. Tell them. Remember you are the person in control of all the announcements included in your In Store Music program.

We are here to make sure all your announcements are the finest quality.You instruct our experienced Copywriters and they'll write the scripts. Then our professional male and female voiceover artists will record the scripts at our Gold Coast studios under the direction of our skilled Producers and Engineers.

When you have In Store Music at your place everybody will notice the difference. There's a more enjoyable ambience for both staff and shoppers. While customers will feel better informed about what's happening with current store activities.

Our communication experts will advise you on number of replays and the time of day each announcement will be heard on the In Store Music program.

You not only control the number, frequency and content of the announcements you also direct the selection of music

The styles of music in our Royalty Free Music libraries cover all music genres.Choosing the actual tracks to include in your playlists is something we can do together.

As business audio specialists Media Group understand the dynamics of blending the announcements and music for the In Store Music program to help create a unique ambience for your store.

We want to ensure you derive the maximum benefits from In Store Music. We know the results will feature in customer satisfaction levels and hopefully that will translate into greater profits. When it all comes together, we will have a win - win for all.

Are you ready to listen to some samples of announcements we have made for various In Store Music programs? Click here.