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In Store Music

In Store Music works! Now experience the ambience and selling power at your place with our 30 Day FREE TRIAL.

We are offering this 30 Day FREE TRIAL because we know it is a sure way to demonstrate the unique properties of In Store Music.

Like many things in life, you never know how good it can be until you witness it in action. So we are prepared to go all the way with this FREE TRIAL and create an In Store Music program that has been written and produced especially for you.

This is not a one-size-fits-all demo! This is the real thing. The In Store Music program you have for the 30 day FREE TRIAL is yours and yours alone.

You know your customers far better than anybody. And we know every business is different.That is why we produce every In Store Music program to be an exact fit for the business. Now with this FREE TRIAL program we take the same approach.

The Free Trial program you receive will be created especially for your customers and your business.

The music we choose to include in the Free Trial program will be selected to have appeal to your customers. The tracks will come from our library of Royalty Free Music.

In addition to the music we will include some demonstration messages that will be written and produced just for your Free Trial program.The messages will be announcements and promos that will play occasionally throughout the program

As near as possible, we want the Free Trial program to provide you and your customers with the same experience as a real full length In Store Music program.

Of course the Free Trial program will be recorded without the benefit of your input on the knowledge of your customers and your business, but we still want to make the Free Trial as realistic as possible.

To run the In Store Music FREE TRIAL program we will forward a special player unit. All you do is connect the player to an amplifier and speakers and hit the go button.

You will receive the player unit along the FREE TRIAL program without any obligation to continue after the initial 30 days.

When the 30 Day FREE TRIAL period has ended you can choose to return the equipment OR you can elect to continue and subscribe to In Store Music on a regular basis. We obviously hope you choose to continue with In Store Music.

Having In Store Music running at your place means your customers can listen to the music as they shop while the messages will keep them informed about your store activities.

Your customers and your staff will experience the "special mood" created by the selected music tracks chosen from our Royalty Free Music library.

Royalty Free Music is a great money saver. In Australia any business where music is played is obligated to pay fees to APRA and PPCA. But when you have our Royalty Free Music playing on your In Store Music program you will not be liable to APRA and PPCA.

Another advantage with In Store Music at your place is that any promos or sales messages your customers hear will be all yours.Your customers won't be distracted by other advertising and any messages will be made according to your instructions.

When you have In Store Music you can dictate the content of the messages your customers hear. You might choose to promote a sale or special offer. You might want a Christmas message. Whatever!Our copywriters will write the scripts for you to approve.

The promotions and messages playing on your In Store Music program will be produced at our Gold Coast recording studios using our professional male and female voice artists.

After you approve the messages they will be incorporated into your current In Store Music program so everything is kept fresh and up to date.

Now this 30 Day FREE TRIAL offer gives you the chance to get a first-hand look at In Store Music and how it will work at your place. Why do we do it? What's the catch? Simple! We know how well In Store Music works.

Experience has proven that within 30 days, you'll see the impact In Store Music has in creating a mood conducive to shopping and assisting your point of sale activities.

Be quick! Grab this opportunity to prove the effectiveness of In Store Music at your place.

To arrange your In Store Music 30 Day FREE TRIAL Click here.