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In Store Music

The songs on the In Store Music playlist will help create a positive mood and an enjoyable shopping ambience.

Just as we know all the songs in our libraries of Royalty Free Music, you know your customers, their likes and their dislikes. By working together we will be able to create the music playlists for the In Store Music program at your place. A program to build an ambience designed to keep customers in the mood to shop.

The playlists for In Store Music are derived from the music genre your customers like to hear when they are browsing. Our Royalty Free Music libraries contain all the most popular styles.

When it comes to choosing the actual tracks to include in the playlists our experts will work closely with you.

We'll advise you but remember you are in the driver's seat. You have complete control. You make the final decision on which tracks are included in the playlists.

We think you'll enjoy playing "DJ" and with a little help from us you'll be building playlists tailor-made for your customers.

The playlists will be reviewed regularly to keep them fresh and we will let you know when suitable new tracks are added to our ever-expanding library

To hear some samples from our Royalty Free Music libraries, Click here.