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Phone Messages

When the office is closed for the day make sure you apologise for missing the call and tell the caller when to call again.

After hours is no time to risk alienating customers. Letting the phones just ring and ring is a pretty good way to chase business away. You could convince callers you really don't give a "hoot" for customer service!

The next step in proving "how not to do it", is by putting a DIY recording on the answering machine. You can do that at home, but never at your place of business.

The After Hours Message is a great opportunity for you to keep the callers "on side". It's a chance to demonstrate your professionalism and reinforce the image of your company as fully customer-focussed.

Your After Hours Message should help convince people that your company is serious about its business.

Callers will be even more impressed if your After Hour's Message has all the hallmarks of quality. It needs to be well written, professionally voiced and carefully recorded.

It might surprise you to discover how little it will cost to sound so business-like

When you evaluate an After Hours Message keep in mind these basic guidelines.The first thing is to thank the caller for calling and apologise for missing the call. Then the message should advise the company's normal trading hours and the best time to call. Your phone system may be able to record a message from the caller.

Finally, if you make the offer to call back, don't forget to make the call!

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A typical After Hours Message: Thank you for calling (add company name here), but unfortunately you have called outside our normal operating hours and we are closed for the day. Our opening hours are (mention the hours of operation). Please call back during opening hours. Alternatively you can leave a brief message with your name and number and we will return your call when the office re-opens. Leave your message after the "beep". Thank you

A typicalMedical Services After Hours Message: Thank you for calling (add the name of Doctor or Medical Centre), however you have called outside our normal opening hours. If this call concerns a medical emergency please hang up now and dial 000 to request an ambulance. Otherwise please call back during our opening hours which are (list normal opening hours). If you wish to leave a brief message with your name and number we will return your call during normal opening hours. Please record your message after the tone.