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Menu Prompts

Phone Messages

Menu Prompts or IVRs allow callers to connect directly to staff or departments without assistance from Reception

Menu Prompts are often referred to IVRs which stands for Interactive Voice Response. You would be familiar with the feature.

IVRs use directives like "For Sales please press 1; For Service and Parts press 2; For Accounts press 3" and so on.

The function of the IVR or Menu Prompt is to enable callers to connect to an individual staff or department in a more efficient manner.

IVRs allow the caller to select the destination for their call without wasting time waiting for a receptionist or staff member to connect the call internally. They also add a layer of confidentiality that callers appreciate.

Callers can save even more time if they are familiar with the Menu Prompts by selecting the required number to dial without having to listen to the entire menu.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we are experienced in creating Menu Prompts for small and large enterprises as well government departments.

We supply Menu Prompts in the appropriate file format ready to be loaded into the telephone system.

In large organisations where there can be a number of separate tiers to navigate, individual files are supplied to accommodate any complexity.

In multi-tiered installations callers will hear the relevant prompts as they progress through the various levels and departments. The Menu Prompt or IVR will advise the action required to arrive at the desired destination.

As with all your telephone messaging, Menu Prompts or IVRs will form part of the "image" you present to your customers. Not only must they function properly and be kept up-to-date they should present your organisation in the best possible way.

Menu Prompts or IVRs need to be well recorded and should feature professional voice talent. Ideally you should incorporate the same voice talent that you use on your other telephone messages.

Make sure the job is done properly. Don't take short cuts or scrooge on the budget.

As a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, our production prices are very reasonable.We have our own teams of Copywriters and Producers working in our own studios and our own in-house professional male and female voice artists.

We have the experience, the expertise and the facilities to supply you with a program of Menu Prompts or IVRs. We can help streamline the flow of telephone calls to your company and help you present a great image to your customers.

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This is a typical Format for Menu Prompts: "Welcome and thank you for calling (insert Company Name). Please choose from the following options. To speak to a Sales Consultant, press 1; For our Service Department, press 2; For Accounts, press 3; for all other enquiries please stay on the line and one of our friendly staff will be with you as soon as possible. To hear these choices again please press zero."