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Phone Messages

A quality program of Messages On Hold will help reduce callers hanging-up, especially in those busy periods.

Have you noticed that your phones ring more often when you are short of time or short on staff for the day?

Murphy's law states that "what can go wrong,will go wrong at the worst possible time". Around here we follow O'Brien's Law which says "Murphy was an optimist".

When your phones are left unanswered and ringing-out, customers are left wondering "Do they really want my business"?

It may be a call from a prospective new customer. They will not be impressed if they're left hanging on the line.

When your phone lines are busy you need a program of Messages On Hold that will create a "favourable impression". Remember first impressions count!

You need your Messages On Hold to be the best quality. When your image is "one the line" you don't need the negativity of an amateurish On Hold program. That could only send the wrong signal to a customer.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists we understand the importance of quality Messages On Hold. We know they have to be well written, professionally voiced and produced in quality recording studios.

With our Messages On Hold packages we aim to give your company a quality telephone image that will put you well ahead of the competition.

Callers should be left with an impression that says "quality is important to us." Whether an existing client or potentially a new customer, your callers should be left with a good feeling about doing business with you.

Too many companies don't bother to have any Messages when they put callers On Hold. They give their callers "the silent treatment"! All the caller hears is "click"... They are left wondering if their call has been disconnected.

Almost as bad as the silence, and just as sure to chase customers away, are phone systems with built-in On Hold "Muzac" or mind numbing chimes.

A lot of older phone systems connect to a radio or music player when callers are switched to On Hold. Be aware that in Australia if you use commercial music at a business you are liable to pay fees to APRA and PPCM.

If you want to reduce the number of callers hanging up and also demonstrate your interest in your customers you need a proper program of On Hold Messages

A program that will keep callers happily on the line with a little music and interesting messages telling them about your products and services and any special offers.

You can send a Christmas/New Year greeting and advise any change of opening hours during holiday periods.

Above all your Messages On Hold should project a quality image of your business and demonstrate your interest in providing better customers service.

At Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we know it's important to keep your program of Messages On Hold relevant and up to date.

You don't want a message about Christmas running during Easter. You need to be able to make changes quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

We have a system that lets updates happen easily. Whether you need to change a single message or a few at the same time, we let you do everything online. Simply follow the prompts at www.mediagroup.com.au

It's time you started getting the most out of your company phones. Start today by arranging to have a Messages On Hold program that's been professionally written, voiced and produced

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