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Phone Messages

Does your telephone system need an external unit to replay Messages On Hold.

While many of the latest VOIP telephone systems can replay messages that are stored on an internal memory, other systems may require an external player to store and replay Messages On Hold to waiting callers.

At Media Group, the business audio specialists, we supply and recommend an external player called the MOH 1200. Over the years this unit has proven to be incredibly reliable and a popular choice.

The MOH 1200 is a solid state player. It is very compact, simple to operate and is supplied with a 3- year warranty.

It uses a normal USB memory stick or "thumb drive" to store messages.

When you need to update or change a single message or a few messages you simply remove the USB stick and place it in your PC or Lap Top.

We will send you a link to go on-line and download the new messages. Then put the USB "thumb drive" back into the MOH 1200 and turn on the power. The revised batch of Messages On Hold will now play.

The MOH 1200 comes complete with operating instructions, power supply and an audio cable. Your telephone technician will be able to connect the MOH 1200 to run with your telephone system.

With its own inbuilt speaker, the MOH 1200 lets you easily check that your messages are playing correctly.

The unit also has an external volume control so you can adjust the replay level that your callers hear over the telephone.

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