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We have a team of experienced Copywriters who are on hand to help write the scripts you need.

Sometimes getting the script written can be the most stressful part of a project. We help relieve the pressure for you. Our skilled Copywriters are at your beck and call ready to begin work on drafting your scripts.

These experienced word smiths have the know how to achieve the impact you require and deliver a message to your target audience.As seasoned professionals they understand the difference between writing for the written and the spoken word.

They know professional voice artists don't just read words. They are aware of a host of unwritten devices that a voice over artist will inject into the script. They know the reader will use elements like inflection, tonal changes, speeding up and slowing down in certain sections to achieve emphasis.

Having a knowledge of these idiosyncrasies is essential in developing effective scripts for audio communication. We're proud to admit our cunning copywriters are constantly exploiting the tricks of their trade.

If you require a script for radio, television, the internet, e-Learning or the telephone we have the copywriters who can create it for you.

You only need to send a brief and we will do the rest. Simple explain in point form what the task involves and we'll get started preparing a draft script.

It's possible you may have already tried to get the script underway. Send that along as part of the brief.If you are updating or amending an existing script we can help with that task too.

Whatever materiel you think will be of use in assembling the script should form part of your brief.

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