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Increase the impact and lift the production values by using professional voice talent on your eLearning projects.

With all the technology available in modern mobile devices it's possible to create stunning visual content for your eLearning projects at very low cost.

The problems start with doing the audio. The main area of disappointment is often the choice of the voice! Usually it turns out to be a DIY disaster.

Using an experienced professional voice over talent will add a new level of impact and memorability to your eLearning project.

And these days, with the possibility of doing everything online, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover how little it will cost.

You could have some of Australia's finest voice over talent reading your script!

We are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, Australia's business audio specialists. We know all about choosing and recording voice overs. In fact we probably do more voice over recording than any other audio production company in Australia, New Zealand and the region.

We are able to provide you with online access to the widest choice of voice talent available to record your e-Learning project. And all at the click of a mouse.

We are talking about male and female voice-over artists who are accomplished actors. Thorough professionals with a background performing in television, on radio and stage as well as in recording studios creating commercial messages, documentaries and advertisements.

To get you started sourcing the right voice for your project we have put together sample recordings of our male and female voice artists.

To listen to the samples of our voice talent, Click here.

Remember these are professionals. They can alter the way they deliver a script in response to a director's wishes.

When you find a voice talent you like you will need to check they are available and at what price.

To receive an online quote, in the strictest confidence, free of charge simply send (email) a copy of your script. We will reply with your FREE QUOTE. Click here.

So let us assume the quote is within budget and you still want to go ahead except, there is maybe a little doubt about is this really the right voice? You can go one step further before we schedule the final recording.

We are prepared to offer you a FREE DEMO.

The Free Demo is a recording of your preferred talent reading a short extract from your script. That way you can be really sure you have chosen the right voice for the job.

We will arrange the recording and send you a link so you can go online and listen to the Free Demo.

To request a FREE DEMO Click here.

Listen to the FREE DEMO again and again. Be sure you have the right voice.When you have the final approved script then and only then will we go ahead and do the final recording.

The recording will be arranged through our studio on the Gold Coast. You have the option to be present in person to direct the voice over session or you can brief our studio Producer to direct the session on your behalf.

If you would like to direct the voice over recording session yourself, but find it impossible to be at the studio, we can arrange a 3-way telephone hook-up between you, the voice talent and our studio engineer.

It's almost like being in the control room but you will miss the in-house espresso!

When the voice track is recorded we will send a link to download the file in the format you require.

You can ask us to upload all the takes or only the best takes so you can compile the finished voice track.

If you prefer, we will compile the voice track for you ready for adding music and sound effects.

Alternatively you can brief our Studio Producer to provide the finished audio track including music and effects according to your instructions.

We will then send a link for you to download the finished audio track.

We are more than happy to work the way you decide is best for you to meet the budget and the deadline.

Start by listening to online samples of our professional voice artists. Make a choice of voice talent to suit your project. Arrange a Free Quote.If you want to hear a demonstration of your preferred voice reading a short extract of your script ask for a FREE DEMO.

Want to get things rolling now? Use the "Let's Chat" button. Or call the telephone number at the bottom of this page.