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We have available the widest choice of experienced male and female,professional voice artists.

After getting your radio commercial script approved the next item you need to approve is the choice of voice or voices to use. This is one area where you can't afford to get it wrong. Get it right and you'll be hailed as a genius

There was a time when finding the right voice involved more search time than Harold Carter spent looking at pyramids. Luckily times have moved on and today's radio Producer can search for voice over talent at the click of a mouse.

At Media Group, the business audio specialists, we understand the importance of having the right voice for the job. We also understand the need for expediency and convenience, so we've put the whole search process online

We let you audition voice samples, arrange quotes and request a demo on your PC, Laptop, smart phone or mobile device.

To begin, we invite you to listen to the existing sample recordings we have compiled of our professional male and female voice over artists.

Want to get into listening to voice over samples? Click here!

After auditioning the samples and you think you may have unearthed the possible right voice (or voices), ask us to provide an online quote free of charge.

To request an online FREE QUOTE for your preferred voice talent, Click here.

The huge variety of voice artists we have on our books would boggle the mind. Our catalogue includes male and female voice talent of all ages from kids and teens to adults and seniors.

It doesn't really matter what kind of voice your radio campaign demands you can be certain we'll have what you seek.

Are you looking for a classic radio announcer voice? We've got heaps. Perhaps you need a comedic touch? Or is it a smooth and laidback, almost voluptuous delivery your script requires. Is it hard sell? Soft sell? Or somewhere just left of centre. Relax, we do have the voice for you.

After you have chosen your preferred voice talent and you have received a quote that's within the budget you might like to go one step more to be sure you have the best choice. We call it the FREE DEMO.

Provided you are producing a script, or a number of scripts that will run at least 60 seconds in length,we will arrange for the selected talent to record a demonstration free of charge.

In order for us to have your preferred talent record the FREE DEMO you first need to send the script to us. We will then have themrecord an extract from the script.

When we have completed the FREE DEMO you will be sent a link to go online and hear the recording. Listen toit as often as you like. We want you to be sure that the voice you have chosen is right or the job.

You might wonder how we can afford to arrange a FREE DEMO. We see it as a matter of professionalism.

As part of Media Group, the audio specialists,we know how vital it is to choose the right voice for every radio spot. Our job is to help you succeed.