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We create the ideal mix of voice over, music and sound effects to boost the impact of TV commercials

It's a shame when a good looking TV spot gets totally undermined by poor audio?

The biggest offender is usually a crappy voice over! But we make "crook voice over syndrome" one thing that can be easily avoided

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we have instigated an almost foolproof way to help you choose the right voice first time, every time.

We use a three-step selection process. It all starts with the auditions. That's where you go online and get to hear an amazing array of voices.

You will be listening to samples of recordings made by our male and female professional voice over artists.

As you listen to the samples you will be able to identify the sort of voice you think will be best suited to your new TV commercial. Maybe the script calls for a bubbly and bright character voice. Perhaps it's all hard sell? Or something smooth and sexy.

You might want a big, booming announcer read or one of those "gravitas" style reads like a movie trailer. It's a popular choice these days for everything from a cooking show promo to the latest bout in the UFC.

Whatever style of read you need, we will definitely have the voice to fit.

To get underway with your auditions of our Television Voice Over talent, Click here.

Step number two in the voice selection process is arranging the quote. We do that Free of charge.If you think you have identified the voice, the next thing is to find out are they available and at what price?

To arrange your FREE QUOTE, to be sent on line Click here.

Step number three is optional. If the quote is OK you can go ahead with recording the voice over. However,if you are not thoroughly convinced you have made the right choice of voice talent, you have the option to go to the third step.

The number 3 step means asking us to supply for a FREE DEMO.

The FREE DEMO works like this. If your script or number of scripts combined will run 60 seconds or longer,you have the option to ask fora short demonstration read - a FREE DEMO.

To receive your Free Demo, send the script to us and we will arrange to have your preferred voice talent record an extract from the script. When it is complete we will send you a link so you will be able to listen to the Free Demo on line.

To get a FREE DEMO of your preferred voice reading your script, Click here.

Being a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we know how vital it is to choose the right voice talent for any TV commercial.

Work with us and trust our three-step procedure. You will get to make your selection from the widest choice of voice over talent. We will provide online quotes free of charge and if required we will arrange a free demo of your chosen talent reading an extract from your script.